Working from home… improvisation is everything!

In times of the corona pandemic, there is currently no way around working from home (if the job allows it). A talent for improvisation is required, especially with family and small children and, let’s say, limited space conditions!

In smaller apartments, a great deal of mobility and flexibility is required despite the lack of space. Changing rooms every day due to the little room mates’ need to play and sleep, is just as much a part of this as a good headset with noise cancellation. Here’s to anyone who can call the laptop their own!
The active employee working from home therefore has to be extremely creative and set up their own workplace.
Here’s an example of what the morning workplace may look like in the bedroom:

This workplace here offers 3 very comfortable seats (which may not be used due to the corona regulations), a fully comprehensive sales office and a small orange light bear colleague against social isolation at the workplace.
The quick access to children’s clothing on the right guarantees the shortest possible disruption times when an unplanned change of clothes for the children is imminent.
This concept of the flexible “mobile office” can be transferred to any room and can be replicated quite cheaply.
I don’t want to deprive anyone who does not share the enthusiasm for this workplace and now feels a certain amount of pity for the author, of the view out the window.

Should this, contrary to expectations, not arouse any enthusiasm, I would like to point out the recurring evening programme. Short evening mountain bike tours up the nearest hill are fun, calm the nerves and clear the mind! It also compensates for the almost medieval seating conditions at the workplace/wooden stool (the extent to which these meet workplace ergonomic requirements has yet to be worked out in the concept).

Of course there are considerations to include this location in the mobile workplace concept. The mobile 3-seat desk fits into any children’s bike trailer and can be set up quickly.
However, the exposure to bad weather and the envy of other conference participants working from home, also in partly improvised home offices, would be a factor not to be underestimated and I would like to anticipate any possible video conference bashing.


Bottom line:
Everyone is doing as well as possible under the current circumstances. People are getting creative and learning to appreciate new little things. I therefore encourage everyone to share their workplaces at home with me and tell the story behind them. You should definitely always take a closer look, and as is often the case, there is two sides to everything!

In this spirit – all the best and lots of strength for the time ahead.

Thank you for your interest in this, let’s say, not too serious article.



Author: Enrico Schirmer, Sales

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