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Free call centre licenses during the corona crisis for working from home too
Telephone hotlines are an indispensable component for providing people with services and information during the corona crisis.

In the health sector especially, short waiting times and professional advice are a calming factor in coping with the crisis. To support the authorities and the general public in the best possible way, telecommunication software gmbh is providing all the licenses necessary to operate a call centre free of charge for its customers, dealers and distributors worldwide.

This measure applies with immediate effect for as long as the crisis lasts. As a result, telecommunication software gmbh is providing significant, immediate and unbureaucratic support to institutions in the healthcare sector, public administration, the military, police, financial service providers and also in the food trade. Many well-known companies and governments in Central Europe are telecommunication software gmbh customers especially in these sectors. It is particularly interesting that the employees behind the telephone hotline can work isolated from each other and comfortably from home. A phone is not required, just an Internet connection.

telecommunication software gmbh is a software company with its headquarters in Innsbruck and branches in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. The company employs
about 20 employees in Austria. The business is currently being maintained from home using teleworking stations and remote contact centres.


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Author: Markus Meixner, Sales

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