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Our samwin hotline agents and field service engineers have the broadest and our developers the deepest samwin experience. Nevertheless, there are some samwin partners who have gained considerable samwin expertise over the years.

However, apart from this small circle of experts, voice engineers generally find what they are looking for in samwin, because the system has a transparent structure on the one hand and implements common standards on the other. The SIP standard is only one of many examples of central importance.

Analyzing a SIP logfile is as informative as it is precise, but it is not generally understandable. An interpretation requires to know exactly what you are looking for, to know commands to search through a huge amount of data and finally to understand how to evaluate what you have found.

In order to bridge this gap and make essential call information available to a wide range of people, a “View Call Life Cycle” function was implemented in samwin with Release
The samwin Manager, a browser-based administration portal, enables a designated group of people, such as contact-centre supervisors, to work with certain system features, without simultaneously making other aspects of the system configuration accessible.

Questions about call events, such as “When, how often and for how long has Mr. Mayer tried to contact us today?”, can now be quickly clarified in an operations environment without incurring sometimes considerable delays.
The bureaucratic, sometimes sluggish integration of further instances, as is usually the case in a message chain from IT support to the system integrator to the service of the software manufacturer and back, is thus replaced by an independent, competent and agile customer service.

Because the “View Call Life Cycle” feature makes it possible to get an overview quickly and easily, it is already being evaluated very positively by experts.
Once the samwin manager’s website is stored in the browser, it can be called up and logged on to in seconds.
The last sub-item in the left-hand navigation bar under “System Settings” is “Call Lookup & Anonymisation”. In order to filter call events at this point, you enter the relevant phone number, exactly or only a part of it, and define the corresponding time frame over one or more calendar days (from/to).



By clicking on the Search button, the results corresponding to the search criteria are listed in tabular form directly below.


Before details of individual calls are displayed, it is possible to select one or more call events to further limit their relevance.


By clicking on the “View Call Life Cycle” link in the vertical action bar at the top right-hand edge, a dialog window opens with a summary of all selected call events – clear, structured, understandable.


The contents of this dialog box can be printed or saved as PDF, but also selectively highlighted and pasted into an e-mail, a Word document or as plain-text into the case notes of an incident ticket using copy/paste.

Further details can be found in the documentation on the samwin Service Center website.


Author: Wolfgang Kaserer, Presales

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