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We are looking forward to an interesting and exciting year with samwin. We are particularly looking forward to the next major release samwin 10. More performance, numerous new functions and enhancements await us.

The integration of Microsoft Teams Presence in version 8.1.9 is only the first step into the world of MS Teams and a complete integration. This development thus focuses on an even broader use of samwin and complements the platform independence of the solution.

A lot has already been done in the area of evaluations and monitoring, and there will be significant changes. New, faster and more powerful processes as well as data structures enable the use of the most innovative display applications. Individual evaluations and real-time displays will become child’s play and meet the most demanding requirements. In addition, a brand new chat tool and new interfaces for Presence and Co. await us.

Stay tuned and find out what’s new here. From time to time, we will introduce new functions and provide you with exclusive insights.

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