samwin 10 – Upcoming changes

Ahead of the next feature release (no official date yet), we want to make you aware of upcoming changes:

  • Legacy Reporting / RTD

The old reporting and RTD has been included as legacy reporting since samwin (first release with sAS) and it will be removed with the coming feature release.

Hence, installations must be converted to sAS and Grafana.

It is recommended that you make the switch now (with the currently available samwin version), so that you aren’t forced to do this with the next feature release.


  • WA2 configuration

The configuration of WA2 will in the future be handled by the samwin Manager.

When upgrading to the next version, a one’s-off manual intervention will be necessary if the samwin DB is not accessible as a local standard “samwin” DB.

Nothing can be prepared here yet, and it is just to make you aware that manual intervention will be necessary after an update and that an appropriate support document will be made available to you.


  • WebRTC Gateway Service

Due to the introduction of the new WebRTC Gateway Service, any existing WebRTC configuration of the known WebAPI service must be transferred to the new service as a further manual intervention after the update.

As above, this is not a preparatory step – just a heads up.

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