With sAS, the samwin Analysis Service, a forward-looking reporting era is dawning in the upcoming samwin 10 release. Both historical and real-time reporting have been completely revised and redeveloped from scratch, with a constant focus on performance and clarity.

Another major change in samwin 10 is the newly developed reporting feature – the samwin Analysis Service (aAS). A new database structure and the new reporting service guarantee high-performance data entry and evaluation, even in systems with extremely high loads and requirements. In addition to more efficient memory management, the runtimes for complex evaluations
have been massively reduced. In addition to the familiar reporting services, which include numerous predefined evaluations, external BI tools can also be connected.
In this context, samwin offers the Grafana tool. In addition to historical evaluations, Grafana also allows access to real-time information, which can be shown in a separate display.

Grafana is an application for graphic representation of samwin reporting data. The data is mapped as webbased in individual containers and can be adapted entirely according to the user’s requirements. In addition to historical reporting data (sAS), Grafana can comprehensively map real-time data. The tool meets the latest requirements for safety, ergonomics, and design.
In samwin Web Agent 2.0, a separate Grafana brick is provided with which reports, values, or diagrams can be integrated into the agent/supervisor interface. For example, it allows an agent to gain insight into its own performance.

samwin’s new reporting tool, samwin Analysis Service, enables the targeted control of your contact centre’s most important key figures in real time and the provision of comprehensive reporting data over longer periods of time. Designed and programmed in such a way that even large amounts of data can be analysed with high performance, the reporting feature also has an impressive Grafanabased, real-time display for agents, managers and team leaders.

High performance / Efficient evaluations / Grafana interface / Real-time data