sales partner

weSystems was founded in Munich in 2017 and has 6 locations in Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Austria and Switzerland. The team of experts supports companies of different industries and sizes with the challenges of digitalization. From analysis and strategy to development, operation, support, monitoring and further developing the IT infrastructure, customers receive all services from a single source.


Thanks to the longstanding cooperation between samwin and weSystems, companies benefit from excellent consulting and perfect service. Thanks to the bundled competence, customers receive flexible and scalable solutions which inspire employees and customers.


weSystems develops computing and storage solutions that provide companies the highest computing performance and the most secure storage capacities. With VoIP and video conferencing solutions, customers communicate with their team or customers from any location over encrypted lines. As a global carrier, weSystems provides international companies with innovative telephony solutions.

With samwin, there is now an attendant console and contact center solution that can now be offered from the cloud as part of the FlexVoice portfolio depending on requirements.