Software development and adaptation


If customers and users have new or special requirements of the samwin solution which are not available yet, they can be developed by us. Existing functions can also be extended or adapted on a customer-specific basis.

Made by Specialists

In project scenarios, in particular, it is necessary to explore specific customer requirements and to expand the samwin solution. A team of experienced software developers is at the disposal of our partners. The entire team of developers is based in Innsbruck (Austria). KShort paths of communication and a pleasant working environment enable expertise to be exchanged quickly and allow specialists to assist one another.

  • Enquiry about requirements
  • Assessment by a specialist of feasibility, workload and cost
  • Preparation of a tender or including on a roadmap with an implementation period
  • Once the order has been placed, planning and fixing of implementation
  • Allocation of priorities in consultation with a partner
  • Implementation of development
  • Comprehensive tests with our field service
  • Approval to the customer
  • Downstream support