Call Back

special solution

How often are you reminded not to hang up as someone will be with you shortly? After all, your call matters to them. The reality is that the longer you have to wait to finally get to speak to someone, the less valued you actually feel. Having to wait a long time for service simply doesn’t feel like the customer matters that much. It is more likely that the customer will get bored before then getting angry. Interaction with the customer could hardly get off to a worse start.


While customers of other companies are compelled to keep holding until an agent becomes free, your customer can take their place in the samwin Call Back queue and simply hang up. SAs soon as your customer gets to the front of the queue, they will be called automatically by samwin and be attended to immediately. Even if your customer misses the call-back, they will remain saved in first place and will be attended to as soon as they return the call.

Benefits for your customers:

Clearly reduces the perceived waiting time
Saves times and nerves
Does not require a mobile phone app in order to be used

Benefits for your company:

Eases the pressure on the hotline at peak times
Call-back is possible via the website
Volume of calls will be spread out effectively
Customer interaction will be improved through shorter waiting times
Optimum fail-safe performance in 24/7 operation