As a modern contact centre and attendant console solution, samwin 10 provides even more comprehensive support for the Microsoft Teams platform and features an exceptional range of services. In addition to presence integration, which was already included in samwin 8, the updated integration in the Microsoft Teams environment offers a very special added value, thus expanding samwin’s application options.

The samwin software solution’s usefulness extends far beyond that of a contact centre. Classic use cases, such as those of an attendant console, can also be comprehensively and conveniently dealt with in Microsoft Teams environments. In addition to the many standard requirements relating to the telephone book, routing, calendar, and ergonomics, the presence display is of particular interest in MS Teams environments. samwin centrally queries the presence display and makes it available to all users with a clear overview. A samwin attendant console also benefits from numerous other features that are otherwise only found in contact centres. In addition to hybrid installations, this includes aspects relating to routing, announcement and agent management, along with reporting and real-time monitoring. The caller and the user are the focus of samwin’s general and overall orientation. The strength of a switchboard service lies in efficient and goal-oriented routing along with focused and motivated employees, and that’s what makes every company stand out – a win-win situation for everyone.

The samwin contact centre can be fully integrated into the MS Teams environment in several steps. The separation of speech and interaction reduces the individual dependencies and guarantees high system stability. The agents exclusively use the familiar Teams application and are provided with all relevant information about their work process via its interfaces, for example, using chat bots. Logging in and out proceeds automatically based on the presence of the individual participants. The central samwin server ensures contact centre operation with all its services and requirements. This server centrally handles all services related to routing, connection of external customer systems, reporting, monitoring or user management. This allows agents to use their familiar MS Teams environment, while supervisors and administrators can simultaneously access the countless options of the samwin contact centre.

If the normal integration is not sufficient, or if you need to interact directly with the contact centre, whether to switch to post-processing or to access an internal phone book, you can now do that via the samwin app in the Microsoft Teams client. The app is based on the samwin web agent and also provides a variety of samwin building blocks (bricks) for a wide range of applications, expanding and supplementing the Microsoft Teams environment’s scope of services. The resulting options for using this combination are unlimited.

Since the samwin Teams agent uses the same licence as the regular samwin agent, it can also use its interface. If it is necessary to integrate individual users without Microsoft Teams access into the contact centre, that is easy to do by using the web agent.

Full integration / Minimum dependency / Function brick in the samwin app / Numerous additional CC features / Web agent extension