More room for manoeuvre with SAMWIN 8

New possibilities with brick-based client.

samwin 8 is the best and most versatile contact center solution in samwin’s history. It combines telephony and innovation like never before. Variability and design create new opportunities for the user.

One user interface & 1.000 possibilities

Boasting a completely new, web-based application interface, samwin 8 now focuses even more on the user. A surprising feature of the new interface is an innovative brick-based structure. The user decides which content he or she wishes to have and where on his or her wall, and what size to use. This approach enables a previously unknown level of flexibility to be achieved, putting the user right at the very heart.
In addition, the customer benefits from all the advantages of a web client, as well as from the fact that future customer requirements can be developed and made available more quickly in the form of new bricks.
Cost-efficiency and a substantial reduction in development times set new standards for the customer.

Continued use of the classic client is possible

The Classic Client version of samwin (desktop version) is still available for anyone wishing to continue using it in that familiar form. Users can switch effortlessly between the two user interfaces.

Non-manufacturer-specific and open interface

samwin abstracts complex infrastructures and professionally maps the processes in line with the customer’s wishes. Multiple SIP-based PBXs can be connected, and numerous third-party solutions can be integrated for additional requirements (Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, databases, etc.)
Consequently, samwin supports migration scenarios, as well as a later switch to a new PBX.

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