“To redirect, please press three!”

With our IVR (Interactive Voice Response), also called a speech dialogue system or ACD, we are talking about a digitalised voice menu, which can provide great relief for customer service. You can use the IVR to direct your customers to the right contact person. Specific questions are answered using a dial key or voice.

The calls are pre-sorted and routed to the responsible employees.
This not only reduces additional personnel costs but also allows the customer to intuitively and individually redirect themselves. A company can save resources and improve accessibility as a result.
The frequency tones are transmitted to the telephone system using multi-frequency dialling, abbreviated as DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency), and Touch Tone. So you can decide at the touch of a button to which department you want to be transferred. There are various options for implementing an IVR, which can be used as desired. So announcements, i.e. recorded voice announcements, are ideal if a high degree of flexibility is not required.
One example here would be the pre-sorting of calls based on customer requests or the announcement of opening hours. When setting up the system, please make sure that the announcements are recorded professionally, clearly and uniformly to give a perfect impression.


The text-to-speech tool can be used to generate audio output from both text and spoken language. Text-to-speech is the perfect way to make the flow of information to the customer available and convenient around the clock wherever the content may change. Among other things, it is used to query faults or account information, which is read out electronically to the customer from the database.

Call Flow Designer

Since the scenarios are different for every company, they should be as easily adaptable as possible. samwin impresses here with the Call Flow Designer due to its simplicity in visually depicting these partly multi-dimensional scenarios for waiting callers (queue) or database queries (using Lua scripting) and ensuring that even a high call volume is not a problem.


Author: Markus Nössing, Sales

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