The samwin Interactive Channel (IVR) module is an innovative solution for interactively querying data and automatic call handling. The Interactive Channel enables even complex workflows to be implemented simply, clearly and professionally.
The module is a software-based speech dialog system. Free configuration of any number of scenarios with a wide range of diverse interaction elements allows diverse customer requirements to be satisfied. The Interactive Channel checks specific caller information and allocates this correctly. The application possibilities range from supported and partially-automated to fully-automated workflows.

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The core purpose of our software is to support samwin call center agents or samwin attendants in their work. This is made easier by the high flexibility and unlimited combination options of the individual modules. The seamlessly interacting modules enables processes to be simplified and accelerated, while the needs of employees are taken into account at the same time. The data gathered by the samwin Interactive Channel module can be passed on directly to the samwin call center agent. The software is also capable of managing special functions, such as automatic call-back or the whitelist and blacklist. Complex call flow changes can also be done quickly and easily.

Prepare and manage your call flows simply and directly using our graphical call-flow designer. You can also organize complex workflows easily with drag & drop, using a large range of elements.
 ​Situation-dependent announcement and routing management are just some of the possibilities available to you through the samwin Interactive Channel module.
 ​External systems such as databases can also be easily linked in. In addition, an LUA scripting module is available for special requirements which exceed the possibilities of the call flow designer.