The telephone exchange has played a major role for many decades and is still an important element in the business process today. Callers appreciate friendly and efficient support from specialists. telecommunication software GmbH supports you and your users with a software
solution and with more than 30 years of experience.

Flexible working
Every company has its processes and every telephone exchange its own requirements. In that regard, samwin provides the user with two different interfaces. In addition to the classic desktop client, the user can also use a web-based solution, even completely without a VPN connection. In addition, further support tools and control options are available to the team leader. Similarly, a telephone exchange can
easily be supplemented with features such as IVR channels, training modes, real-time displays or reporting, which are otherwise only found in call centres.

The caller is at the centre of attention Friendly, quick, and goal-oriented exchange of incoming callers is the core topic of every telephone
exchange. Numerous clearly presented information items and features are what make samwin stand out, enabling the user to interact in a
highly professional manner. In the background, the central server provides features such as distribution, overflows, night mode, user
management, or reporting.

Microsoft Teams Integration
samwin complements every Microsoft Teams environment with the classic telephone exchange area. More than 30 years of experience meet one of the most innovative communication systems – the perfect match!
The open samwin system offers Microsoft Teams integration, which maps the presence of the participants and also enables full integration into the world of MS Teams. The vendor-neutral connection and integration of the Microsoft Graph API guarantee uncomplicated and future-proof use of the solution. Migrations or parallel operations are fully supported. samwin closes the gap between innovation and experience. With the integration of classic telephone exchange features into the world of MS Teams, every installation becomes a fully comprehensive communication solution that covers all the requirements of entrepreneurs and users.

Neben unzähligen Standardfunktionen, zeichnen besonders folgende Leistungsmerkmale die samwin Vermittlungsplatzlösung aus:

Platform-independent / Calendars Integration / Reporting & monitoring / Transfer advisor / Power search / Data interfaces / Announcement management / Extensive routing / Optional web agent / Multi-customer support / Email notification