Recording, processing and re-sharing call data – this is a simple summary of the essential purpose of the samwin billing solution. However, the customer’s specific and structural circumstances and requirements make this solution one of the most complex and most comprehensive on the market. Whether it be recording data on multiple systems at a large number of sites or passing on specially collated data to external systems, samwin is the perfect solution for this. Hierarchical organizational mapping facilitates the precise cost and call allocation to the relevant unit. The possible range of uses is extended considerably by numerous interfaces such as organizational imports or EDIFACT imports.
Plugins for billing systems, which can be referred to in specific projects, are optional.

  • Multi-customer / multi-site support
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple phone installations and systems
  • Flexible and scalable structure
  • Project codes and private calls
  • Provider invoice import (EDIFACT)
  • Provider data
  • Extensive organization mapping
  • Export of totals and individual data to third-party systems (such as SAP)
  • Reporting tool for report adaptation
  • Central user management
  • Data import for users and organization data
  • Automatic export, printing, etc.

Product information (pdf)
Specimen reports (pdf)

Our solution provides you with predefined reports. They can be adapted to meet your needs based on a number of criteria and can even be extended, if necessary. Furthermore, you also have access to various queries with written or graphical evaluations. They are easy to{MQ}display on the screen, to print automatically or to export.

samwin Billing Hotel & Hospital allows fees arising to be allocated automatically to the relevant consumers, and to settle accordingly. The special user interface provides a detailed overview of the usage and accrued costs for the individual phones. This enables individual visitors or even whole groups to be checked in and out using this interface.