Attendant Console & Call Centre for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most innovative platforms in the current UC environment. The attendant console and contact centre sections can be comprehensively covered with the samwin solution and supplemented by these functional areas.

The samwin solution uses a direct connection to existing gateways (SIP) and can therefore also connect Microsoft Teams, among others, in parallel with other systems. The scope of performance thus remains almost identical across multiple systems and current and future migration paths to Microsoft Teams are fully supported. Thanks to a direct connection to existing gateways, the user can work quickly and easily across multiple systems. There are no diff erences in operation and therefore nothing stands in the way of efficient working.

Impressive flexibility and high efficiency

The aggregation and structured presentation of a lot of participant information (such as Microsoft Teams presence via Graph API) is one of the central strengths of samwin. Numerous sources are linked and aggregated in one user interface. Thanks to its unique architecture, the Contact Centre section also offers an impressive and strong scope of performance. High independence and system stability guarantee the efficient and future-oriented operation of samwin.

The next step

The next version of the samwin agent will be even further integrated into the Microsoft Teams client and therefore off ers even greater functional and application maturity.

Author: Enrico Schirmer, Sales

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