Who we are.

telecommunication software gmbh was founded by its CEO Markus Meixner in 1990. With the development of samwin CAS (Call Accounting Software), foundations were laid which would prove to be a success in an ever changing growth sector.

Markus Meixner (CEO) founded the company in 1990 and at the same time, laid the foundations for fast-paced development in a promising market. Success came in the shape and form of the SAMwin.CAS product (call accounting software).

The software has been installed and has been operating for a long period of time in renown companies. Their loyalty to the software is proof to us that we, the telecommunication software gmbh have been following the right path all along.

The company operates mainly in German speaking countries, but also counts many overseas companies as end-customers. The distribution of the software takes place through suppliers who deliver the software solutions in combination with further components to the end-customers.

samwin HEADQUARTER in Innsbruck


“Der Dialog mit unseren Kunden macht aus einer fantastischen Software die perfekte Lösung.”